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Arturia Keystep Pro + iPad? (unboxing + synthwave on iPad Pro / AUM)

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I bought the Arturia Keystep Pro and I really wanted to give it a try with my iPad Pro, using AUM and a bunch of Synths and AUv3 effects I bought. The KSP seems like a good companion to the iPad and the AUM mixer app. You just filter the tracks by MIDI channel and you can sequence 4 tracks at the same time.

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The Arturia Keystep Pro is a little bit on the heavy side, but it’s so cool to have so many features all in one place all with a keyboard. There are some things that I hope they add in their software updates like the possibility to record the arpeggiator into the sequencer. Otherwise, I’m still learning the best ways to use this MIDI controller. I’m enjoying the combination with AUM but I miss Ableton Live a lot.

At the moment I’m recording the tracks on AUM and I plan to import them into Ableton Live to make a song. Stay tuned for more! Subscribe to my YouTube channel so you don’t miss it!!

iOS Apps and AUv3 plugins used (not affiliated links) :
Mixer: ➡ AUM apps.apple.com/app/aum-audio-mixer/id1055636344
Drum Machine: ➡ EG Pulse apps.apple.com/app/eg-pulse/id1478285477
Compressor: ➡ RoughRider3 apps.apple.com/app/roughrider3/id1496058931
Tape FX: ➡ FREE! ➡ Tape Cassette 2 apps.apple.com/app/tape-cassette-2/id1507434173
VA Synth: ➡ Continua apps.apple.com/app/continua/id1487732556
Wavetable Synth: ➡ SynthMaster One apps.apple.com/app/synthmaster-one/id1254353266
Dub Delay Effect: ➡ Dubstation 2 apps.apple.com/app/dubstation-2/id1253069666
Piano: ➡ AudioKit Retro Piano apps.apple.com/app/audiokit-retro-piano-auv3/id1514017716

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00:00 Unboxing Keystep Pro
00:56 iPad AUM: Bass with Arp
01:36 Adding +1 Continua by Audio Damage
02:05 Sequencing
02:50 Switching steps on/off
03:38 Control (knobs)
03:57 Sidechain compression
05:08 Sequencing Synthwave keys
05:40 Terrace jam session!
07:20 80s movie mode ON!
08:00 THE END

This video is not sponsored or paid. I bought all these devices, apps, software, etc, and I have no connections with any of the companies that appear on the video. The description may include affiliate links.