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Speed Up Your Music Creation With Captain Plugins Epic 7! (Ableton Live)

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I started 7 songs using Captain Plugins Epic 7 on Ableton Live. With these plugins I can start new songs and create new ideas really fast.

Turning Random Clips into a Cinematic Video and Scoring it | California

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I found some nice shots in this footage I took in 2019 but the overall story was lacking so I tried my best with a voiceover and some music I made in Ableton Live.

Live Song Performance using Eurorack / Modular Synth // Spacewave dark cinematic music jam) // (song: “Return to Earth”)

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Eurorack modular synthesizer synthwave/spacewave/dark/cinematic live performance sequenced in Arturia Keystep Pro.

My First Steps in Eurorack Modular Synth

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I’m building my first eurorack synthesizer. I started in modular using VCV rack and this are my experiences going from software to hardware. I never owned a hardware or analog synth before. These are my first steps into the modular world, how I got inspired, and what I did to find modules using modulargrid. Listen to some of the jams I made, reading manuals, finding ways to use different modules, and thoughts on starting with a bigger case than what you need.

Generative Modular Ambient Piano (o_C, Disting EX, Beads) [Ayumi’s Dream]

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Ambient Eurorack Modular Synthesizer // Generative piece on the eurorack for 4 minutes.

Jam/Song | Save The Bees Modular #1 / Ambient / Beads, Disting EX, ONA, Plaits, Morphagene #eurorack modular

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Making a song using only one sample: Heartbeat baby!

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Learn piano chords quickly with the 1-3-5 shape | Music theory basics (video only)

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Video: Make LoFi Hip Hop on Ableton 11 / Push / lofi and chill out / guitar beat | Song: WasabiNoise – Dusk

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Making lofi chilled hip hop song to study with Ableton Live 11 / Ableton Push 2 / ROLI Lumi Keys / Electric guitar.
Listen to the song on Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp and more distrokid.com/hyperfollow/wasabinoise/dusk

NEW LUMI Keys VS Kickstarter version

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Is the new LUMI better than the LUMI from Kickstarter?
What about the NEW LUMI Keys STUDIO that they announced on ROLI’s website?
And do any of these differences improve its playability?
Let’s talk about improvements made on the LUMI app and the future of ROLI LUMI with some updates for music producers that will arrive in January 2021.

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