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Making a song from iPad to Ableton Live (synthwave to cinematic) | Little Big Journey

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Making a song on iPad with AUM + Xequence 2, finishing it up in Ableton Live, mastered in iZotope Ozone. I exported the tracks from AUM into Ableton Live 10.

ROLI LUMI REVIEW – The MIDI keyboard to learn to play piano

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ROLI LUMI REVIEW. I’m answering some of your questions “Where can I buy this?”, “Can you see the staff when learning the songs?”, “Is it worth it?”, if you want to know the answer to these questions please watch until the end, there is a lot to cover.

Can you make music on an iPhone SE 2020? | Music Production

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Can you make electronic music with an Apple iPhone SE (2nd gen)? Let’s unbox it and make some noise!! It’s a $399 phone enough to make music? Let’s find out!

Arturia Keystep Pro + iPad? (unboxing + synthwave on iPad Pro / AUM)

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I bought the Arturia Keystep Pro and I really wanted to give it a try with my iPad Pro, using AUM and a bunch of Synths and AUv3 effects I bought.

Unboxing Arturia AudioFuse Studio. Great audio interface for OBS and streaming on Windows

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I upgraded my audio interface from a Focusrite 2i4 I had for 3 years to a brand new Arturia Audiofuse Studio.

I wanted to give you my overall experience. And an unboxing experience with some better closeup shots of the hardware, which is something that I haven’t seen on other videos. If you are looking to buy this and you use OBS, especially on mac, you may want to watch until the end where I explain the huge differences between Windows and Mac in that aspect. Check the timestamps on the description to jump to one section or another.

QUIET PC for recording / home studio (what to look for and my build)

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Making music with objects at home: bicycle drums

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Creating Chord Progressions with Captain Plugins 5

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Making ambient synthwave with arpeggios and lots of reverb with ROLI Lumi Keys

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MIDI Keyboards Comparison: ROLI LUMI Keys vs AKAI Mpk Mini

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