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Live Song Performance using Eurorack / Modular Synth // Spacewave dark cinematic music jam) // (song: “Return to Earth”)

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Eurorack modular synthesizer synthwave/spacewave/dark/cinematic live performance sequenced in Arturia Keystep Pro.

Eurorack modules:
Ona is the main arpeggiator of the song. Goes into Happy Nerding Dual xfade (to mix two waves), into Blades to add distortion + 🐝 Beads.
💤 Expert Sleeers Disting EX
Wavetable melody on top with BLEASS shimmer on iPad
⛓️ Mutable Instruments Plaits
BASS into Blades
DATA oscillator into Happy Nerding Tritone and FX AID XL with octave shimmer (I added these to the patch at last minute after acquiring them).
🏛 Ornament & Crime
Envelopes (og firmware)
@ArturiaOfficial Keystep Pro as a sequencer


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Other modules on Reverb:
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