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Generative Modular Ambient Piano (o_C, Disting EX, Beads) [Ayumi’s Dream]

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Ambient Eurorack Modular Synthesizer // Generative piece on the eurorack for 4 minutes.

Completely generative ambient music notes coming from Pamela’s New Workout, Ornament & Crime (Quantermain using internal Turing Machine) to Distinng EX, ONA by NANO, Plaits. Effects by Beads and Morphagene. No external CV inputs or audio, no effects or mastering, just RAW sound from my modular captured by AudioFuse Studio and Ableton Live 11.

Thanks for listening to my generative ambient song made on the eurorack. I want to make full videos explaining a lot of things but I need some time to think things through. This music is about meditation, contemplating what randomness can create. We cannot control everything around us, sometimes we just have to let go, and embrace this randomness. Keep inspired! Thanks for watching!

Who’s Ayumi? The name of my unborn daughter!! ?

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I’ll be making more videos explaining some of the modules and experiences building my first eurorack, stay tuned!

⛹️‍♀️ Pamela’s New Workout:
– Master clock
– Runs O_c Quantermain clocks and envelopes
– 1 output to Plaits with random pitch (BASS)

? Ornament & Crime:
– Quantermain using internal Turing Machine as input
– Pentatonic minor or aeolian (A#)
– 3 outputs go to Disting EX
– 1 output to ONA

? @Expert Sleepers Disting EX
– Main instrument
– SD Multisample: Soft piano from original SD card
– Inputs from Ornament and Crime (Quantermain using internal Turing Machine)

– Pitch from PNW
– Bass into Blades using internal envelope

? Mutable Instruments Beads
– Reverb and delay effect for piano (Disting EX)

? ONA by NANO:
– Follows the same trigger pattern as the main Disting cv input

⚫ @MAKEN0ISE Morphagene
– Input: Plaits BASS
– Clocked and played by Pamela’s New Workout
– Mix modulated by Maths

? Recorded using Arturia’s AudioFuse Studio audio interface in Ableton Live 11:
– Mixed in Ableton Live, no master, you hear the RAW audio.


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