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My First Steps in Eurorack Modular Synth

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I’m building my first eurorack synthesizer. I started in modular using VCV rack and this are my experiences going from software to hardware. I never owned a hardware or analog synth before. These are my first steps into the modular world, how I got inspired, and what I did to find modules using modulargrid. Listen to some of the jams I made, reading manuals, finding ways to use different modules, and thoughts on starting with a bigger case than what you need.

Case Instagram: @grau_modular / www.instagram.com/grau_modular

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I’ll be making more videos explaining some of the modules and experiences building my first eurorack, stay tuned!

Other videos I made with eurorack so far:
Walkthrough of my first patch youtu.be/vIPSKPhSz4g
Generative ambient jam/patch youtu.be/8ZdiH2UmZIU


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00:00 Intro
01:05 Software VS Hardware and Finding Inspiration on other musicians
02:06 VCV Rack
03:00 Finding eurorack modules
04:14 Read the manual or books on modular
04:41 Module functions and music styles
05:52 Eurorack modules are out of stock
06:10 Start big vs start smart
06:52 My first modular synth patches in 2 months
10:07 Last words

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