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ROLI LUMI UNBOXING and iOS first look. Best portable MIDI controller in 2020?

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I finally received it, guys! Let me know what you think in the comments, things you want me to test, anything! NEXT video will be about the PC/Mac setup. This is my own review, my own opinions, I bought this with my money on Kickstarter. I was one of the first 1,000 backers.

On the video I say I’ll link to the whole list of songs, I couldn’t find it, but will post it here if I do. This is a Kickstarter product, it’s not for sale yet.

00:00 Unboxing
1:06 What’s in the box!?!?
1:28 LUMI iOS app intro
2:24 Quick test with FM Player 2
2:44 Back to Lumi App
3:10 Playing in test mode
4:12 Lessons
6:08 Quality of the app
6:44 Playing in Garageband
7:05 Light modes
8:13 Thoughts on the feeling of the keys
9:27 Light mode cycle
9:43 The app doesn’t work on other keyboards
9:58 END (check next video for desktop)