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QUIET PC for recording / home studio (what to look for and my build)

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General tips and what to look for when building a quiet PC for recording/home studio without sacrificing for things like gaming, video editing, working,, zoom calls, etc.
I know there are other builds that come with a fanless setup but the problem with these is that you have to compromise for lower performance when gaming, or editing videos like I do.
This build is very silent, my room stays at 30-32dbA when silent while the PC is idle or even when recording. It’s also very powerful and it took me 5 minutes to render this video in H264 (without HEVC in Premiere Pro CC 2020).
I didn’t go into software setups but you can always check what are your fan curves and tweak them a little bit so the overall speed is lower when your PC is idle.
This also a good video about silent air coolers vs liquid coolers from another channel www.youtube.com/watch?v=qntVQmLHDhI

00:00 Intro with Phanteks Eclipse P600
01:15 Silence
01:27 Big case build
02:11 Overpowered Power Supply
02:54 CPU Cooler (Air vs AIO)
05:00 Graphics Cards
06:42 Don’t use Hard Disks
07:35 Bonus: Backup everything
08:30 Conclusions
09:31 Building Timelapse