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Making music with objects at home: bicycle drums

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Making music with objects at home: bicycle drums

Have you ever tried making a song with objects around you? I tried to make some drums out of a folding bike and this is an overall look on how I treated each sound on Ableton Live 10 to make this lofi song. I hope you enjoy it and it inspires you to use objects around you to make music, it’s a lot of fun and easier than It seems! If you had some cool experiences or songs you made and want me to check them, drop it on the comments and I’ll try to listen to them! Thanks m8

I used it to create the kick, hi-hat, snare, bells, and some atmospheric sounds you can hear in the song.


00:00 Intro
00:34 Creating the Kick
01:16 Hi-Hat
01:34 Snare
01:56 Bell
02:04 FX
02:27 Adding Piano and other instruments
03:13 The Lead
03:47 Lo-Fi Chill Song