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Trying out the Jammy G MIDI controller with REAL strings | Review with Ableton Live

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The strings don’t need to hold any tension and are not used for tuning the controller. The strings are used by the Jammy to check what fret are you pressing and what strings are you strumming.

In the Jammy app you can even change the tuning to whatever you want. Something I barely ever did on a real guitar because it takes some time, and then you always have to put it back to standard tuning.
With the Jammy you can press a button and you get a different tuning instantly.
This is perfect to explore new tunings without all the work that would be required on a real guitar.


This product is something that I dreamed when I started making music many years ago. The first instrument I ever played was a guitar, and it took me a while to get used to MIDI keyboards.
Personally, I would wait to see how awesome the G version is.
The best part of the E version, in my opinion, is to use it as a MIDI controller in your DAW. You have to know its limitations, and adapt yourself to whatever virtual instrument you are playing.
It’s internal soundboard is not that great, so I don’t see this as a good standalone product unless you have no choice. Maybe you travel a lot, and want to practice anywhere a little bit, knowing that you are not going to have “the guitar experience”.
For all these reasons I think that the upcoming G version is the way to go.
I would wait to see what people say about the G version and make a decision based on that.

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Buy here and use WasabiNoise50 coupon for a discount, $50 off bit.ly/wasabinoise-jammy (affiliate link)

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